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Don't dream of visiting Tahiti, a group of islands that make up French Polynesia and have long attracted the attention of thousands of curious tourists. Other groups are the islands of New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga, the Solomon Islands and the Cook Islands. We have put together some Tahiti travel tips for you and have never dreamed of visiting one of the most popular destinations in the world: Tahitti Island.

Other islands that offer enough facilities to satisfy most tourists are Maupiti, Ra'iatea and Huahine, while other islands such as Kona, Nauru, Mauna Kea, Kealakekua and Tahiti are also easily accessible. If you are an island and you are flying to one of the other islands, Air Tahitian has a number of flights from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Australia. Although US websites do not ship directly to Tahitti or the Polynesian Islands, you can shop on their website.

The Tahitti Tahiti Tourism website also offers unique products such as food, clothing and souvenirs. You can also find locally made goods that will stand as a reminder of your charming trip to Tahati.

The Musee de la Perle, one of Tahiti's leading international marketers, has its own shop in Tahati. The largest retailer is a large merchant of souvenirs and clothing for tourists as well as souvenir shops and restaurants.

Everyone in the family will love the display boards and dioramas that tell the story of Tahiti, its culture, the history of the islands and its people. Guests can visit the Museum de la Perle, which presents pearl legends and jewelry making, or the Musee de Tahiti - Iles, which displays exhibits and artifacts from local history and culture. It is interesting to visit the Museum of All Tahati Islands, which has a reconstructed historical scene from the early years of its existence. This museum, named after the man who introduced pearl trading to Tahitti over half a century ago, gives tourists an insight into the life of a pearl merchant in his early days. When shopping in Tahitian Pearl Market, you should avoid the large number of tourists and the high prices of pearl jewelry and other items.

If you have a shopping plan during your stay in Tahiti and the main shopping area is located here, we recommend you visit Papeete. Goway, the Down Under magician, offers many opportunities to explore and enjoy Tahiti's islands and its people, as well as a great shopping experience.

Here in the boutique you can order your fruit, which you will receive right before your departure, as well as a variety of other items. Mataoa Gardens is a popular tourist attraction in Tahiti and one of the most popular shopping streets on the island.

Look out for the quilts sold by the Robert Wan Tahiti, which adjoins the museum. If you are not a high-end pearl buyer, my other recommendation is not to bother buying pearls until you get to the airport in Papeete. Buy a pearl at the Tahiti Pearl Market in Papesete or buy one at one of the many pearl shops on the island, such as 46, 15 and 54. These only wear excellent quality beads and use only 18 carat gold for the setting, therefore prices are usually high.

To get to French Polynesia, you must fly from Papeete, the capital of Tahiti, to the other islands in the chain or take a ferry. From here, if desired, transport can be provided by the national airline Air Tahitian or by transport to another island in French Polynesia.

Tahiti is the most important shopping centre in French Polynesia and if you are staying in Tahiti for a few days, a visit to the market Le Marche is a must. As a Tahite Tiare specialist, Vacation Lady can help you plan your dream holiday in French Polynesia. Romance specialist at Goway Islands Escapes , we have made it clear that your honeymoon will be one of the most important parts of your holiday, not only for you, but also for your family and friends.

Tahitian Islands are famous for the lucrative and enticing black pearl trade, which is a hallmark of shopping in Tahiti. More inviting than a couple's suburban mall are the boutiques along and along the promenade, which offer designer brands and goods from Europe that tourists can shop, as well as the profitable black pearl trade that is the hallmark of Tahite shopping.

Bora Bora and Moorea take tourists out of Tahiti, although it is possible to find reasonable prices for handicrafts. Since most tourists now spend a minimum of time in Tahiti to prefer other islands, you will find that pearl prices in Papeete are lower than in Mooreas and Bori Boras, as well as the price of black pearls.

Buying Tahiti pearls on the market offers good value for money, although Papeete tends to be more expensive in terms of the price of black and white pearls compared to Mooreas and Bori Boras.

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More About Tahiti