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Taha Private Island Spa is a private resort with a glittering beach, sparkling waters and a luxurious spa. In the heart of the tropical paradise of Tahiti, just a short drive from the capital, lies this magnificent resort, which features private beaches and is surrounded by exotic tropical splendour.

Big Tahiti is the Pape'ete suburb of the capital, which stretches along the west coast. In the area there are several hotels, restaurants, shops and restaurants as well as a number of restaurants and bars.

Both large islands offer first-class resorts and hotels, including above-water bungalows ideal for romantic honeymoons. Many of the resorts in Bora Bora also offer access to the most beautiful beaches in the world, as well as a range of restaurants, shops and restaurants.

Finally, there is a well-known service that operates between Tahiti and Moorea, which are very close together. This can lead to a lot of frustration as we originally wanted to do Bora Bori at the very end of our trip, but later realized that it was not possible to do it without an unnecessary connection to Tahati. If you haven't figured it out, the route starts and ends in Tahitti, and you may get into situations where you simply can't connect the two legs, forcing you to stay out of Tahitian for a night. The good news is that Le Meridien Boras Boralas has incredible speed and range throughout the resort.

If the Tahiti Wifi fails, it is in Fakarava where you will find that the internet connection is severely limited. The Work Pension Paparara offers Wifi, but mosquitoes are a serious problem and are only available for a few hours a day.

The most famous are the Society Islands, which consist of the three main islands Fakarava, Maupiti, Ra'iatea and Huahine. Other islands that offer enough facilities to satisfy most tourists are Mau piti and Raiatesa in Huahsine, while other islands, such as Mauna Kea and Maunganui, offer a wide range of activities, from diving to rare shipwrecks. An additional attraction is being on a chartered boat or staying in a family-run lodge, a resort that competes with Bora Bori.

Perhaps most importantly, you have free Wifi, and if you're looking for a hotspot device to share with your group, Tahiti Wifi is fairly affordable and offers a wide range of options, from free Wi-Fi to free Wi-Fi in your room.

The program includes free Wi-Fi in your room and access to the Tahiti Wi-Fi network, so consider this a great option for those interested in a free hotspot in their hotel room.

Take the free hotel shuttle or taxi to Papeete and stop at the Tahiti Tourist Office where you can pick up a map of all the sights. Next, discover where the Museum of the Tahitian Islands is located, which is essentially dedicated to the history and culture of Polynesia. Captain Bligh's Restaurant and Bar at PK 11 / 4 is just steps from the hotel's main entrance and offers stunning views of Moorea.

The proximity allows you to make a trip to the mainland, while in the above-water bungalows you can experience the beauty of Bora Bora. Huahine is comparable in beauty and tranquility to Boras Bori and also offers a bridge that connects 2.5 km to Papeete and 2 km to Moorea over the bridge.

Tahiti is home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world and the largest coral reef system in the Pacific. This creates excellent diving opportunities during your Tahiti holiday, as well as a great opportunity for scuba diving and snorkeling on the island.

This means there are a lot of practical things you need to know before you travel to the islands of Tahiti. Write a comment below with some of the things you know about the islands and the best hotels in the world for Tahiti travel and travel tips.

This is Tahiti's best resort and includes breakfast and dinner in an all-inclusive family guesthouse located right on the sandy beach, surrounded by the beautiful beaches of the west coast of Tahitian and the South Pacific Islands. This resort is designed for those who want to stay in a waterfront bungalow overlooking the east coast of South America and the south coast of Hawaii, as well as the north coast and islands of New Zealand and Australia.

For an excellent panoramic view of Tahiti, visit the Taravao Plateau, which connects the two parts of the island. Leave the gas station, follow the signs and continue for a few kilometers until you reach the most accessible beach in Tahitian, where the finest white sand provides a picturesque backdrop overlooking the coast of Moorea Island. Instead of driving on the old road, take the right lane to return to the city, or take the left lane following the sign.

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