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Located on a private island on the south side of the Pacific, the hotel is classified as one of the 10 most luxurious hotels in the world in terms of luxury and amenities. The Suites Hotel Rooms guarantee a new era for guests and are said to be the best luxury hotel in New Zealand and the second best in Australia after the LAUCALA Resort on FIJI Island. It is a paradise that could not be more idyllic, with its beautiful beaches, beautiful views and beautiful scenery.

Situated on a private island on the south side of the Pacific opposite, the resort welcomes you with its beautiful views in the heart of New Zealand. Enjoy the private islands of this resort and with flowers blooming like jewels, every moment is free to create your personal version of paradise.

With access to the island by private plane, the resort has a white sandy beach, frequented by many of the world's most famous celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Jackson and the Dalai Lama. Conrad Bora Boras Nui is a beachfront resort offering a mix of private and public accommodation and a private golf course. It features 86 overwater bungalows, including four private villas, a wellness centre, an outdoor pool and a fitness centre. Reached from a sandy, crystal clear lagoon of powdery white and lush landscapes, with the sand itself framed by powdery white, the St. Regis Borsa BORA Resort epitomises the effortless elegance of the heart of New Zealand.

If you are lucky enough to visit this beautiful island, consider booking one of the best hotels in Tahiti. If you are looking for accommodation that offers a mix of private and public accommodation, as well as a private golf course, Hotel Tahiti Nui is the ideal choice. Here at Travelocity, allow us to connect you to a hotel in the Mercury Islands that suits your holiday preferences. Travelstart has acted like a destination - a destination for those looking for a holiday accommodation in the Banana Islands.

We have hundreds of websites offering great deals, hot deals and special promotions, and you can book the right hotel for you through our online booking service travelocity.com. Mercury Phu Quoc Resort & Villas offers a wide range of hotels in the Mercury Islands, as well as a variety of private and public accommodation. You can cancel within a few days of the check - in And we will be happy to help you book again with your reservation. If you are at the Ora Beach Resort, managed by Sofitel, please visit the website to make a new reservation or contact us.

If you are planning a trip to Tahiti, there is no shortage of hotels to look forward to during your stay on the islands. Top hotels on the Mercury Islands include sightseeing and overnight stays on Mercury Island. The Anchor Lodge Motel in Coromandel is located in the 21st

The resort is located on the northwest coast of Raiatea, opposite the nearby Bora Bori and is covered by two hectares of beautiful tropical gardens. Opened in 2010, this resort is located on a beautiful Tahiti beach, among the 4 French Polynesian hotels managed by the Intercontinental Hotel Group. The Anchor Lodge Motel in Coromandel, the first of its kind on Mercury Island, is also close to the white sand beach and turquoise waters that adorn the main entrance to the resort at the end of a long, narrow sandy beach.

Known as "Garden Island," Kauai offers breathtaking mountains such as Waikiki, steep cliffs, beautiful beaches and the largest beach in the world. You can cycle around the island and book a bike fold down and use our secure online system to book your place at Wharariki.

While most of the resorts in Bora Boras share the same large lagoon, Sofitel Motu Boras BORA has one of the most exclusive locations, hidden in a remote area of Kilauea, a small island in the South Pacific. The hotel is located on Bori Island, just off the coast of Kauai, about 30 minutes from Waikiki Beach.

White Beach is located on the west side of Boracay Island and is the most popular holiday destination on the island. It is known for its beautiful beaches and beaches, which are synonymous with Polynesian island charm and magic.

South Pacific Management took over the management of the two former Starwood Hotels in January 2009, when the Sheraton Tahiti and the Sheraton Moorea Lagoon were renamed Hilton Hot Hotels. The 115-room resort, formerly known as Conrad Bora Bori - Nui, the first of its kind in the world, opened in 2008 after a multi-million dollar renovation.

The Accor Group has six resorts in French Polynesia, including the Sheraton Tahiti Bora Bori - Nui, the Hilton Tahitian Resort and the hotel's sister resort in the South Pacific. With the purchase of the resort, Tahittian Travel also owns two other hotels in the Polynesian Islands: the Hotel du Cap - de - Caye in Papeete on the North Island of New Zealand and the resorts of Bonaire in France. In collaboration with the French Ministry of Tourism, Tourism and Tourism Development, it promotes good local and international cuisine, with dishes based on influences from Tahito, Europe and Asia, according to a press release.

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