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One of the biggest and most pleasant surprises I experienced during my vacation in Tahiti was how many adventurous activities there are. I was recently invited by Tahiti Tourism to a cultural and culinary adventure and to call it amazing is a huge understatement. If you've never been to French Polynesia, you might wonder what the popular "Tahiti food" is.

While French Polynesia certainly does not lack coconuts, lagoons, beaches and bungalows, Tahiti and its surrounding islands face their own challenges. Resorts, some of the best restaurants found on Moorea (and indeed on every island of Tahitian), are usually on the street side.

Chicken with taro leaves is a tasty dish to try in Tahiti, and food trucks eat poison cru. The food of Tahitian is reliably delicious, whether you're eating the famous raw fish and coconut milk or eating poison cream on a food truck. When you make the traditional tamara, you will eat all the different dishes that make ma'ahiti (a typical Polynesian meal), but also cook with traditional ahima'a.

This dish is made from chicken, coconut cream and taro leaves and is made in the traditional Tahitian way with ahima'a. Other dishes made with Ma'ahiti are cooked in Tamara, where a hot stone is disposed of to cook all the ingredients. This is a spice made of green coconut, fermented with seafood and snails. It is usually eaten with a mitihue that looks like coconut cream.

It is basically raw fish, marinated in plenty of lime juice and soaked in coconut milk, which makes it delicious and soft and melts in the mouth. It marinates raw tuna in lime juice, mixed with vegetable cubes and suckled on a hot stone with taro leaves and coconut cream. This is a dish of raw salmon marinated in lemon juice, coconut water and a little salt and pepper.

On the outer islands there are real pearl farms, which you can visit in Bora Bori, Huahine, Taha and Tuamotus. Other groups are: the other islands of Oahu, Kauai, Nauru, Tonga, Tuvalu and Kaua'i. These include the main island of Tahiti and the islands in the South Pacific such as Hawaii, New Zealand and South Africa.

Fish from the lagoons and oceans, from perch to mahi mahi and parrot fish to fish from the lagoon and the sea, are also on the menu, typical Polynesian dishes. It is divine in a light sauce of Tahiti vanilla and coconut milk, with a hint of salt and pepper.

The Gift Cru is made with a combination of Tahiti spices such as papaya, coriander, cayenne pepper and coriander, so that it tastes like Tahiti with the fork and the taste of the sea.

One of the best foods to try in Tahiti is the variety of fruits grown on the islands, which are generally very tasty. Polynesian food, where you can find many different fruits such as bananas, mangoes, oranges, pomegranates, lemons, figs, peaches, cherries, strawberries, apricots and many others. They are all grown in the same way as the other fruits, in different climates, and are used to make delicious desserts when dining on the islands of Tahitian.

If you are not familiar with bread, it is one of the most popular and delicious foods in the world, so be sure to try it when you are in Tahiti! You can experience all the flavours of Tahitian by tasting the famous Poison Cru and enjoying the vegan taro root salad. If you enjoy cheap and fast food in Les Roulottes, you can make sure you put it on your bucket list of places to visit. So if you're planning a trip to Tahitti, don't miss the opportunity to taste the delicious local cuisine and experience the best of it, from the cuisine to the food, whether you've been there or not.

Also very popular on the Tahiti menu is something called Poisson cru, a delicious fresh water shrimp, which can be found in many restaurants in Tahiti and also in Les Roulottes. It consists of raw fish marinated in lime juice and soaked in coconut milk and melted in the mouth. Another popular appetizer is Chevreffes, a popular appetizer of Tahitians, which is one of the most popular dishes in the country with its rich and delicious taste.

There are hundreds of recipes for the traditional preparation of this dish, which literally means raw fish. Tahitians consume large amounts of ma'a because they choose a very different way of eating from the rest of the world, especially in France and the United States.

If you are worried about the cost of food in Bora Bora, consider buying a meal plan at a Boras Bora resort. On the main island there are a number of interesting "Bora Boras" cafes, from Vaitape Village to Matira Beach.

A wealth of information about Tahiti cuisine can be found in the Tahitian Food Guide, available in English, French and Polynesian. Visit the website to get more information about the different types of food on each island. I am very obsessed with raw fish, with Ota being one of my favourite examples of a Polynesian dish made from raw fish, such as mahi mahi, served with citrus sauce and coconut milk. If your curiosity has ever been tickled by "Tahiti food" (French or Polynesian), I hope this Tahito guide has helped you.

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