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Tahiti has moved closer to hosting a surfing competition for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris after French organisers confirmed the South Pacific island would host the event. The competition is held on the west coast island of Taapuna, and from the vanilla island of Taha, the teams paddle in a race that takes them to Bora Bora and the Pearl of the Pacific. Welcome to Tahiti, the world - known for its reputation as a surfer and Now we have # Ve reached the final phase of a long-term partnership with the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The island, located in front of the Raiatea lagoon, is known for its beautiful beaches and world class surfing. Kayaking has been at the forefront of the most popular events in the South Pacific, but it is also characterized by the need to protect lagoons and waters from the effects of climate change and other environmental problems.

Finally, Heiva Tahiti also hosts sports competitions on the beaches of the island, such as the Tahiti National Championships and the annual Tahitti Festival. There are also smaller events that showcase traditional Polynesian culture and involve the entire island of Tahitingi in the celebrations.

The main Heiva celebrations take place on Tahitingi Island, with the main singing and dancing competition taking place at Place Toata, where the Tahiti National Championships and the annual Tahitti Festival are held simultaneously.

This prestigious singing and dancing competition gathers nearly 10,000 participants from all over Tahiti throughout the month, almost all young and old, from all over the world.

This international regatta is held every year in Tahiti from 10 to 13 March, with the first race taking place on 11 March and the second on 13 March. This time Tahiti will host the "Tahiti Pearl Regatta," which will take place from 10 to 13 March. In June, Tahati hosts a four-day golf tournament, this time in the capital Niue, the largest city in South America.

If you are planning a visit that coincides with Heiva but do not want to book a last minute trip to French Polynesia, you can visit Tahiti in the first half of July. If you want to experience a touch of Tahati and sail on one of the most popular charter ships in the world, have a look at our bareboat fleet. So if you are planning the perfect trip, here are some frequently asked questions that we can certainly understand. Check out our guide to the best and worst weather conditions on the island and the weather forecast for the next few months. There has been no cyclone in and around Tahiti for more than a decade, with the exception of one in 2010 and the last one last year.

Gay marriage was legal in Tahiti in 2013, and you'll find it's one of the most popular destinations for gay and lesbian couples worldwide. Hawaii receives a few annual visitors these days, but Tahati is the sensual paradise Gauguin loved and painted more than 100 years ago.

On the second largest island of French Polynesia, the island of Tahiti itself, bustle is to be expected. The culture is deeply rooted - traditions and heritage, and many of the world's most popular tourist events, such as the Tahitian Carnival, take place on this dreamy island of Tahati.

After this race, the annual Tahitian Carnival takes place, where 10,000 spectators take a whole week's holiday. This annual event, one of the most popular tourist events in the world, attracted over 2000 runners who took part in fun activities before and after the race.

When you visit French Polynesia in July, you can see the Heiva dance groups practicing all over the island under the guidance of "Heiva." Remember that all islands will have some form of celebration and the more visitors they have, the better the show they will perform. We will list the main attractions of Heiviva - i - Tahiti here, but please keep in mind that each island will have some forms of celebration and that the shows they will perform will be a show. In the market square of Papeete you will meet the traditional Polynesian dance group that takes part in Heivas -i -ahiti: the Tahitians.

The national emblem of Tiare - i - Tahiti will be presented at the fair, and the company "Tahitian Arts & Crafts" from Papeete will participate in the competition to decorate its crown and national symbol. Discover some of the most creative and diverse Polynesian crafts at the Polynesian Art Association exhibition. This exhibition highlights local arts and crafts and brings to light the creativity of the artisans of Tahati and the various islands.

A is shown in Bora Bori at short notice, and it is a delight to both enthusiasts and critics to see it in all its glory.

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