Tahiti, Virgin Islands

In previous time Tahiti was known as the Otaheite which is one of the largest island in French Polynesia. This island is situated in the Pacific Ocean which is subdivided in two parts bigger known as Tahiti Nui and smaller known as Tahiti Iti. It is well known for the volcanic activities with high mountains surrounded by coral reefs it is good and beautiful place to visit for traveling.


Major Attractions to See in Tahiti


1. Rangiroa Atoll 

It is a part of French Polynesia and is known as the second largest atoll of the world. This place is well known for its scuba diving and snorkeling with lots of attractive resorts to stay.


2. Rurutu Island


This is the part of Austral archipelago which was formed around 12 million years ago. With time it has endured with lots of erosion and caves over the island. During the month of July to October, travelers can watch humpback whales also.


3. Huahine


It is one of the best places to visit in Tahiti, Huahine is a beautiful society island with tropical jungle which is home to a wide variety of plantations like banana, vanilla, and breadfruit.


Places to stay in Tahiti


* Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort is situated in Arue, Tahiti which offers you the beautiful beachfront spot with crashing waves.


* InterContinental Resort Tahiti is situated in Faa’a within the area of 32 acres entirely surrounded by turquoise lagoon. The tourists can experience here jet skiing, water skiing, diving etc.


* Le Meridien Tahiti is situated in the Papeete with best hotel location, private terrace, restaurants etc.



Restaurants in Tahiti

* Le Gaillardia: Here you can get European, French, and Gastropub foodstuffs.


* Le Souffle: It will offer you French, European and Vegetarian food.